COVID-19 Safety Protocol

WNY Dyslexia Specialists is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students, families, and teachers. As such, the following guidelines have been put in place to ensure we can continue to provide quality, in-person tutoring. As the situation regarding COVID-19 evolves, we will continue to keep our students and families updated on current requirements. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

If your child becomes symptomatic and rapid at-home tests are negative, your child must follow the protocol below in order to return to in-person lessons:

Obtain a lab PCR or other medical test at a local testing site


Follow the Isolation/Quarantine protocols listed below:

Remote instruction is an option as well for anyone asymptomatic or feeling well enough for lessons days 6-10. We want to refrain from conducting lessons while a student is not feeling well as it would not be productive or in the best interest of our students.

Regardless if they are symptomatic/asymptomatic, or test positive/negative for the Coronavirus, any student exposed must wear a well-fitting disposable mask (not cloth) if meeting in-person for the 10 days following exposure.


The isolation period occurs when an individual tests positive for COVID-19. The quarantine period occurs when an individual has been identified as a close contact of a person who is positive for COVID-19.

Isolation Period (Individuals who tested positive for COVID-19):

  • Isolate for five days, where the first day (i.e., day 0) is when you first feel symptoms or (if asymptomatic) the day your specimen was collected that tested positive.
  • If symptomatic, you must be fever-free for 72 hours with symptoms improving to return.

Quarantine Period (Individuals identified as close contacts):

Fully Vaccinated (and those infected with COVID-19 within the last 90 days) individuals do NOT need to quarantine if they remain asymptomatic.
Not Fully Vaccinated: Quarantine reduced to five days from last date of close contact exposure to the positive case.

  • Individuals can return to lessons on the sixth day after last exposure.

    • For example, a student is identified this past Tuesday as a close contact would complete the quarantine period on Sunday. The student could return to lessons wearing a well fitted disposable mask (not cloth) on Monday (i.e., sixth day) provided they feel well enough to return.
  • Testing on day 5 is recommended by the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH)

Further information from the ECDOH is listed below. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

Updated Quarantine and Isolation Guidance

Erie County Department Of Health Expands Covid-19 Testing Capacity, Info Line Hours

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