We are trained to offer the Barton Reading & Spelling System over the Internet.

Sometimes there is not a qualified dyslexia specialist in your area. We can offer the same quality tutoring via the Internet.

In general, we offer this service to students over the age of 12.  If you have a younger child who is highly attentive and focused, online tutoring may be an option for them as well.

Equipment Needed

Online tutoring should take place in a distraction-free, quiet area of your home. Please assure that other siblings, pets, etc. are occupied in another location during the tutoring session.

You will need:

A high-speed internet connection

A computer with a webcam

Download Zoom from www.zoom.us

Headphones are required for the student who receives regular online tutoring, but if a student is occasionally doing online tutoring, it is optional.

These are the headphones my tutors and I use.

Logitech Headphones

Benefits and Effectiveness

Online tutoring is convenient. Students and parents will save time and gas by having the tutoring take place in their own home. In addition, inclement weather will no longer require tutoring sessions to be rescheduled. Parents can now have access to a qualified, trained dyslexia specialist even if there isn’t one close by.

While in person tutoring, is the most ideal situation, remote tutoring can be successful for many students. However, young children and those students who struggle with ADD/ADHD or other attention issues would do best with in person tutoring.


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