We are not average reading tutors. We are dyslexia specialists who are trained to offer specific programs to help students of all ages be successful in reading, writing, and spelling.

Bright children who struggle with reading, spelling, and writing could be suffering with dyslexia.  It is very puzzling to parents because these children are often very artistic, athletic, and creative young people.

Our job is to close your child’s reading gap, boost their confidence, and accentuate their strengths.

We teach:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Sight Words
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing Composition
  • Handwriting

Starting Point for Tutoring

Step One: Call the office to find out the date of the next Tutoring Information Night. Our director, Jennifer Lynn Hoffman will give parents a brief presentation about our services and programs. Following the presentation will be a question and answer time where our tutors and director will answer any questions you may have. This presentation is for the parents only. 

Step Two: Schedule a time for the Barton Student Screening for your child. At the student tutoring screening, please bring copies of the following: 

Copies of all report cards; call the school to get these, if necessary

Copies of all prior testing, including:

                                Special Education eligibility reports, the IEP itself (if issued),

                                Student Study Team reports (may have other names)

                                Progress reports from Reading Specialist

                                Any speech-language assessments or reports

Copies of all independent testing reports, including:

                                Speech-language reports

                                Occupational Therapy (OT) reports

                                Vision testing or therapy reports

                                Auditory Processing testing or therapy reports

                                Testing done by any tutoring center

                                Progress reports from any tutor or tutoring center

In addition you will need to bring your student information form and a signed copy of the tutoring agreement.

What if my child doesn’t pass the screening?

Not every student is ready to begin an Orton-Gillingham based program. If your child doesn’t pass the Barton Student Screening, We will begin with the Foundation in Sounds program. If necessary, we will also use The Green Readiness Book by Jerome Rosner. When your child completes these programs, we will give them the Barton Student Screening again.

Am I too old for tutoring?

We tutor people of all ages. It’s not too late to stop struggling with reading. If you are an adult who reads slowly, has trouble putting your thoughts on paper, and is still a terrible speller, contact us.

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