We at WNYDS would like to thank everyone for their feedback, and strive for the highest standard of service in tutoring!

I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing for my daughter. She is becoming a different girl than she was a year ago or even 6 months ago. I know it’s your job, but I can see that it is more than that to you. You don’t just teach. You are genuinely interested in who she is, what she likes and caring about her. She can feel it and for that her father and I both are beyond grateful. She had a teacher last year that made her feel stupid and bad about herself and shamed her for her bad grades telling her she just wasn’t trying hard enough. Today my daughter walks and talks more confidently. She understands her dyslexia and is proud of it. Having you believe in her, and teaching her the skills she needs has given her a piece of herself back. I can’t thank you enough. You have truly been a huge part in shaping her future.


Mom of 6th Grade Daughter

I had a few concerns before hiring you or any tutor for that matter. My first concern was, although a tutor has credentials on their resume, is the person I hire going to actually be good at their job. I felt this was a valid concern because working with children is not easy, especially when it is a child that is a struggling learner.

My second concern was that we will be spending a significant amount of money to hire someone and I was worried that I may invest several months into this and not see any results and then have to look for someone else.

My last concern was finding someone that would be a good fit and would be able to help my child learn in a way that worked for him. I have done a ton of research. but I am not a teacher. I knew we needed a trained and knowledgeable professional. You have gone above and beyond my expectations so far.

My concern of not seeing results is a non issue. You have Dominic doing things he could not do before he started working with you. I have no doubt that he has made a significant improvement thorough working with you. You have taught Dominic in a way that works for him and have gone above and beyond to adapt your teaching to meet his needs.

My favorite part of your work with Dominic is that you understand that he is still only a 6 year old little boy (5 when you stated working with him). You incorporate coloring, painting, and other manipulatives into your lessons. You make it fun for him and you show interest in the things that he likes.

After going to school all day kids just want to play when they get home. He was more that ready to work with you when you arrived for your lessons and he enjoys the lessons. I also like that you have a routine with him and that you are always prepared for that day’s lesson and that you end your lesson by reading to him (which he loves).

I would say that the best investment you can make is in your child’s education. Hiring a tutor is a very hard decision, and you never really know if you are picking the right person to work with your child. I can honestly say that hiring you was the best decision we made.

Dominic has made leaps and bounds in improvements this year. He still has a ways to go, but the improvement he has made is significant. You were a shoulder to lean on for me while making decisions regarding next school year and you were open and honest in everything that we would discuss regarding Dominic.

I felt lost and unsure on what to do because our son was really struggling. You showed me that Dominic can be successful, and that is beyond anything I could have asked for. Dominic loves working with you, and we couldn’t have been luckier to find such a good fit for us.

Katrina L

My biggest concern before coming to WNY Dyslexia Specialists was that as my son was being tutored I would feel guilty for not catching and remedying his struggle sooner. I was worried that tutoring would just “cover” what I didn’t do with him. This fear was unfounded. Instead I learned that our process of trying to help my son helped confirm that he did display signs of dyslexia. It all made sense because in his case, his struggle with phonics is that he can’t distinguish between similar sounds which is what he received Early Intervention for: receptive speech delays.

My favorite part Jennifer’s work with my son is that each session she meets him where he is at. This means that in addition to covering new sounds, she enthusiastically praises him when he “gets it”, and consoles and encourages him when he is sad or frustrated. Every session ends with a positive.

Jennifer is knowledgeable, professional, patient, and skillful at working with kids who struggle. Her group presentation shed new light on reading difficulties with my daughter, and even gave us insight into our extended family and their school/work choices. After only a few tutoring sessions, my son went from sullen and cautious to jovial and chatty as he experienced success. Jennifer has helped our family see the talents and gifts that accompany the struggle of dyslexia. His time with Jennifer truly has put him on a different trajectory and I am confident this will help him be more successful in school and life.

Jeannine S

Mom of 2nd Grader

Before hiring you I was most concerned about Brennon not being diagnosed. I knew he had some struggle, but I want sure if I was heading in the right direction with dyslexia. You were very helpful and understanding about Brennon. You took the time to sit with Brennon and made sure he was on the right path to success. I like that I can see his progress and watch him grow. You explain and help us to understand what your doing with him and how he progresses. I would say Mrs. Jen is amazing. Six months ago I was so nervous for Brennon. I wasn’t sure he was going to be able to get through third grade. And now he has grown so much, I only see good things ahead. And it’s all thanks to Mrs. Jen and Brennon’s hard work.

April P

Mom of 3rd Grader