We believe that given the right tools, everyone has the ability to be a successful reader and speller!

Through one-on-one tutoring we teach struggling readers of all ages to read, write, and spell with confidence!


“In 2015, I discovered many children were in desperate need of reading help! These children couldn’t sound out unknown words. They couldn’t read quickly and easily. They struggled to spell words correctly. I started helping as many as I could, but the demand was enormous. So, I humbled myself and headed down a completely new path. I founded WNY Dyslexia Specialists, LLC with the mission of serving these under-served children and adults. Today, we are serving over 55 students with more reaching out to us for help every day.”

– Jennifer Hoffman, Founder and CEO

Today my daughter walks and talks more confidently. She understands her dyslexia and is proud of it. Having you believe in her, and teaching her the skills she needs has given her a piece of herself back. I can’t thank you enough. You have truly been a huge part in shaping her future.


Mom of 6th grade daughter


Dyslexia Support in NY Facebook Group

Welcome parents, teachers, grandparents, friends, and others who want to talk with other parents, teacher, and friends about dyslexia and reading based struggles.

This is the place to share victories and defeats with other parents and supportive educators!

Dyslexia Solutions for Educators on Facebook

This group is intended for educators!

We are a group of classroom teachers, special education teachers, specialists, and reading instructors who seek to improve the reading, spelling and writing skills of our students who fit the dyslexia profile.

Share your ideas! Tell us about the strategies you use, or ask questions about challenging situations!